Whether your session is a studio set-up or out on location, I want to ensure the final product meets your vision and expectations. To do this I want to provide you with the details of what you can expect from your session. If you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Studio Set-up

This session is conducted in your home, office, or any other indoor location with a full array of studio equipment.  Continuous LED lighting will be provided and/or flash lighting may be used for special effects. Additional equipment you may see will be diffusers, filters, reflectors, fans, and possibly a  backdrop for portraits. Blue and Green Screen are available for creating special effects or composite images. 

On Location

This session can be conducted  at your home, office, event, outdoors, etc. It can also be multiple locations.  I will determine the type of lighting to be provided based on the location. If indoors, continuous LED lighting or flash speed lights may be used. If outdoors, flash speed lights, as well as, various diffusers and reflectors may be used. 


Prior to the session I will contact you via phone or we will meet to discuss your vision of the session. All video shoots are small footprint, incorporating 1-3 strategically placed cameras, audio recording devices, and artificial lighting as required. Videos are typically  on location and may incorporate a studio set-up. Based on your specifications, a rough draft will be created for your review before proceeding towards the final edit. You will be an integral part of creating the final product.

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