1. What if I get sick and cannot make it to my session?

Contact Sydney as soon as you think there may be an issue with your ability to make your session and a new session can be booked.

2. What if I want to cancel my session?

You must cancel within 48hrs of your session date to receive a full refund, otherwise 50% of your session fee will be refunded.

3. What if someone in our group cannot make the session?

If you know within 48hrs of your session date, you may book a different date. If less than 48hrs you will need to pay an additional 20% of the original session fee to schedule the session for an additional date. If a key individual fails to appear at a scheduled session and the session cannot proceed, the full session fee is non-refundable.

4. What if someone is late to our group session?

All sessions will start at the agreed time. If images previously taken before the missing party arrived are requested to be repeated, you will be charged for the additional time incurred to reshoot the image(s) in addition to any location or prop changes.

5. What if it is an outdoor session and it rains?

The session will be rescheduled at no charge.

6. What if the photographer is sick?

If this is an event session, Sydney will make every effort to arrange a substitute photographer. If this is not an event session, the session will be rescheduled at no charge.

7. What if I do not like any pictures from my session?

In the event you are not happy with any images produced, the editing fee will be refunded if you notify Sydney within 7 days of the final images being posted to the Client Portal. You have the right during the session to let Sydney know if you are not happy with the images being taken and redirect the session shoot. Sydney works for you and wants to ensure you are completely happy.

8. What if I do not like the final video?

You will be involved in the editing process of the video from the first draft to the final product. It is crucial that you inform Sydney if your vision is being missed at any point. Video shooting fees are not refundable. If you determine during the editing process to cancel the video, any remaining editing fees will be refunded.

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